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~Facial Treatment~

♦Skin-carefacial (45minutes)      JPY11,880

This facial will leave tired,dull skin completely refreshed and can be a great add-on to the other treatments.

♦Lift-up facial  (60minutes)  JPY14,040

Experience our original massage technique to get rid of your sagging skin and give yourself a natural facelift.

♦Anti-aging facial (75minutes) JPY 20,520

Improve the health of your skin with this personalized

facial designed to treat your specific skin concerns.

This treatment will leave your skin cleansed,renewed and revitalized.

~body treatment~

♦Aroma treatment 60minutes/JPY16,200


A great restoration for the whole body,mind and spirit. The flowing touch of massge with essential oils increases the circulation of blood and lymph.

~for men~

♦Men’s body treatment (at our VIP room)


Long connecting strokes and a calming blend of oils enhance deep relaxation.

♦Men’s facial (at our VIP room)


Specially designed for men,this refreshing facial works on a deep level to purify,balance and hydrate the skin.

if you stay in this hotel(hotel nagoya castle)

Guests will be 10% discount.

We are open 10am to 7pm

We need book in advance.

TEL 052-532-8880

Actually,we can’t speak English well.

But, we will do our best so thanks for your

consuderation (*^-^*)☆

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